Self-Love, What’s That?

What exactly is self-love?

It’s seems to be the new craze now. Everyone is posting about how they have learnt to love themselves for who they are and what they look like, which is spectacular but… Do even half of them even mean it, or are they fishing for the “likes”? Did half of them even struggle with self-love in the first place? I feel like a lot of things some people do, is all for show. But in saying that, how the hell do I know, I don’t know them, I’m just being a bit on the bitchy side.
Some could even say it about me, who knows, who cares.

self love

But really.. Self love.
I’m trying.

Now, I heard this one dude say “self love is just for fat people to say it’s okay to be fat, there is nothing healthy about obesity.”
He’s half right. There isn’t anything healthy about that.

But from my perspective, self-love isn’t about saying “hey everyone, go and eat 17 big macs and only drink chocolate thick shakes.” It’s about being comfortable with yourself, loving your body and in turn keeping it healthy..

We on the same page?

I mean, I feel as though being able to accept yourself is phenomenal, wear the clothes you feel comfortable in. But having proper self-love is to look after yourself too. Physically, mentally – completely.

Some people are just bigger. There’s actually a fair amount of ‘bigger’ people that are healthier and fitter than those that fit the aesthetics for that particular description. Basically – big people that are fitter/healthier than those people that look like athletes. (We all know someone that packs away the food and junk, but doesn’t gain anything, but for all we know, that might be stressful for them).

Some people are just smaller. They aren’t unhealthy, they aren’t promoting people to eat only an apple a day by being comfortable in their skin.
Just because someone is thin, doesn’t mean they are sick, or that they don’t eat.
Just because someone is small does not automatically mean that they are comfortable.

So to say self-love is an excuse for people to be unhealthy, from my point of view, couldn’t be more fucking ignorant than my manchild playing Fortnite.

I’ve realised why I treat my body like a bag of shit, because self-love is something I lack. I can lie and say that I don’t, but who is that going to help? Certainly not myself.

My goal is to reach that, because by reaching that I believe that I’ll stay on course. I’ll start having the motivation I need because I’ll want what’s best for me.

But right now?

I’m a long way from that..
ONE mistake and I turn it into a week’s worth, and I think I finally understand why.

Self-love is important, for everybody- big, small, normal. For anything or anybody that breathes.

Does this mean that I’m actually on the right track?


Author: kaselea

Mother of two. Sarcastic, honest, overthinker and a little crazy

One thought on “Self-Love, What’s That?”

  1. Yea, I would never boast about self-love. I’ve made too many poor life choices. I’m not about to go into public self-loathing, but I’m not about to boast about something I’m not…


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