Hello, Old Friend..


Ever want to message an old friend, but don’t go through with it?
Ever look at old photos and miss those days?

Lord knows, that I definitely do.

I always go to message old friends, that I use to hang out with all the time, then I don’t. Why? Because I’m actually scared that they don’t remember the times we had.

I feel like, maybe I’m the only one that remembers.
Maybe I thought we were close but, maybe, they didn’t think the same.

I sometimes just want to message people, just to let them know that I thought of them. Ask them how they are. But I just can’t seem to do it. Purely out of fear of what they’ll think or say.
But I also suck at replying. I get distracted and forget. So in a month’s time, I’ll reply and then forget again.

I sometimes get my mind stuck in the past.
Looking at old photos and asking myself why the fuck I thought I was fat back then!?!
I also ask myself why I made certain decisions, like, why did I decide to drink a straight bottle of Southern Comfort in High School?

But let’s be real, if I didn’t make those decisions, would I be where I am today?
Without those friends, past and present, where or who would I be?

Do you ever randomly have a memory pop into your head that makes you laugh and then you realise the person that you had that memory with, isn’t in your life anymore?

Sometimes memories are better than the people or person and sometimes, there is a reason they are no longer in your life.
But on the other hand, sometimes, it’s just a matter of changes or even just distance.

I shut off and shut people out when I fell pregnant.
That, I can say, I do regret.
But that’s a whole different story.

I don’t want to regret not messaging someone. I, obviously, don’t want to regret anything. At least I would be able to say I did it, or I tried.
Because the only reason I would regret something, is if I DON’T try.

So, my challenge for myself, is to message an old friend when they pop into my head. Ask them how they are, because I genuinely want to know.
Don’t stress over how to write the message and just do it.

If you ever feel the same, why don’t you try it too?
Because I guess we never know when the option to say hello, is no longer there..



Author: kaselea

Mother of two. Sarcastic, honest, overthinker and a little crazy

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