Clothesline or Spider Shrine?

Wash the washing. Hang it outside.

JUST KIDDING, I’ll hang it on my indoor line, or forget about it.

I use to be okay, you know. No big deal.
Until one day I was hanging the washing out outside, when about 30 million spiders (no exaggeration, counted them all one-by-one) (yes, of course I’m being sarcastic) started crawling along the line and dropping onto me like they were skydiving off my clothesline. Was like a planned fucking attack I tell ya!

So, I was terrified to do it again, until obviously I had to because well – house duties, right?
I’m not even kidding you, I came back inside to, one spider on my arm, and two on my leg.
Never. Again.

But then after a while, and whole lot of kilo’s later, it wasn’t just about the spiders on the line. I just didn’t want my neighbours to see me hanging out the washing. How ridiculous.

Which is where this post ends and my next post will begin.. being afraid to be in your own backyard.

Author: kaselea

Mother of two. Sarcastic, honest, overthinker and a little crazy

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