It’s Just a Letterbox


I wait.
I see the mail arrive, and I wait.
‘Just go get it man,’ I tell myself.
I sit down on the lounge, I look at the time.
I open my blinds a crack and have a peep around.
“Mum, what you doing?”
I look over at my eldest who is eagerly waiting, thinking
that someone must be visiting.
“Oh nothing. Thought it was raining” I lie, as the back door is open
because it’s a sunny, beautiful day.
I wait.
I go about my day, but I wait.
I wait for poor manchild to come home from work,
and just like every other day, no matter what time it is when he gets home,
he checks the mail and brings it inside, on his way in.
Ahhh the relief. I didn’t have to get it.

I realise it’s just a letterbox. Not even that far from our front door. But for some reason, these days, it seems a long ass way a way.
When I do, on the rare occasion, muster up enough courage to check it, I put on a cardigan, no matter the temperature, wash my face, redo my hair and try so hard to not look at anything else besides the mailbox.

It’s crazy isn’t it? How something so small to one person, can be a massive thing to another?  I never really thought about things like that, until  I was the one feeling these weird anxieties. I guess you would call them that. Some may understand, and others , will just think I’m a fucking idiot, and I’m sure in time, I’ll be fine with that. Because I was one of those people that kind of thought, wow, that person’s just crazy.

Being brave- doesn’t always mean the same thing to people. You might think jumping out of a plane is brave, another might think that going to the printer at work is brave. No matter what your idea of brave is – own it.
Which brings me to my challenge.
Getting that damn mail.

I am going to get that mail today. I am going to go out there in my clothes, that are covered in my kids breakfast and baby dribble, I am not going to redo my hair. Yeah, I’m still going to wear a cardigan – but hey, one step at a time, right?

Challenge yourself.
Whether small or large.
Want a promotion at work?  Get off Facebook for 10 minutes and send those emails. Yeah I see you doing the sneaky Facebook scroll, it’s all good – pretty sure your boss would be too.
Want to save money? Put all of your $5 notes in a safe place and don’t touch for at least a couple of months – I need to take my own advice with that one.
I’m sure you all get my point.

Small steps, amazing destination.
Enjoy your day, and let me know what challenges you decide to put up for yourself!!

Author: kaselea

Mother of two. Sarcastic, honest, overthinker and a little crazy

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